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The Big Lie

"Thousands of Americans did not give their lives in the fight against Nazis, so fascists would rear their ugly heads in the form of brainless neocons"

On September 11, 2001, the American people were force-fed a BIG lie. According to the corporate media and the official stories, four jetliners were flown into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center Twin Towers by Middle Eastern terrorists. They hit the American symbols of 'democracy', and then evaporated into thin air - no trace of their wreckage or black-box recorders, no videos of their collapse, ... nothing!

According to the official line, these operations were led by an ill Saudi Arabian zealot (on dialysis) from the distant caves in Afghanistan.

To make THE BIG LIE stick, other lies had to be invented. Osama bin Laden, the Saudi zealot was to appear from time to time with messages of doom and damnation and threats for America. Amazingly, he can mail videos and cassettes (all self-incriminating) to local friendly Al-Jazeera stations on a regular basis and then disappear into thin air (like his jetliners) without getting caught.

(And where would he be? in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan? Hm... Americans know nothing about geography (and even less about politics for that matter), so if any of the above countries sound almost impossible to the intelligent mind, just invent a name: the kingdom of Zarghum - they wouldn't know the difference).

And so GW Bush, the usurper of the last bit of democracy remaining in America, declared his crusade against Osama and his supporters, the Taliban. In doing so, GW was to ally himself with the rapists, murderers, warlords, and drug dealers of the Northern Alliance who had previously committed such atrocities, who had raped so many Afghan women and pillaged so many Afghan villages that they had forced the Afghan population to submit to the lesser of the two evils, i.e. the Taliban fundamentalists. At least the Taliban's religious convictions stopped them from raping women and harvesting narcotics. And this is exactly the kind of 'democracy' George Bush & Co is harvesting in Afghanistan: ANOTHER BIG LIE, one that will crumble the day Americans leave that country, bringing further chaos, death, and destruction.

George Bush and his general Ashcroft have told America that it has to forgo some liberties in the war against 'terrorism'. You have to lose your freedom in order to be free. The bogeyman is no longer the Soviets; it is now the truly fictitious Al-Qaeda. But how many times are Americans to be deceived by these bogeymen only to be used as cannon fodder and milk cows?

After the conquest of Afghanistan, Americans were told about the dangers of Iraq's Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. George Bush actually once told the press he was worried Saddam might attack the US and destroy the frail economy.

I tell you, ... you have no idea how much Middle Easterners were laughing inside. After all, how gullible can these people get?

The truth is that after the eight-year Iran-Iraq war and then the Gulf war and many years of sanctions, the Iraqi government was the weakest in the region. To make these claims about the dangers of Saddam Hussein would be a big joke (in addition to being another BIG LIE). It would be the equivalent of saying: "these people are too gullible; they will accept anything we tell them, so let's tell them that Saddam is more dangerous than the Martians"... Don't you think Iraq's neighbors would be concerned if there was a shred of truth to these claims? Don't you in the least bit realize how utterly they have insulted your intelligence? Believe me, Iranians, Turks, Saudis, Russians, Armenians, even Kuwaitis were all laughing their heads off.

And now a word or two about Al-Qaeda. People in Al-Qaeda and a few other Madrasas (or religious schools) were fundamentalist zealots who were armed and trained by the CIA with the assistance of the government of Pakistan and the financial backing of the Saudi Royal family to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda and other religious schools were formed to provide ideological justification for such a 'crusade'.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, some of these fighters turned against the other aggressor, i.e. the government of the United States. In doing so, however, they lost the backing of the CIA, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. What was left was nothing more than a few scattered ragtag grouplets of religious schools. To claim such degree of organization and effectiveness for Al-Qaeda to strike at targets inside the United States would again be, once again, insulting the intelligence of the American people. Everywhere else in the world (from the Middle East to Europe) people are laughing at such simplicity.

However, that is exactly how the Bush administration has managed to maintain power in the United States: by striking fear in the hearts and minds of the American people, by convincing every simpleton in the country that Al-Qaeda is waiting around the corner to eat his/her babies.

But aside from the simpletons who would go and buy excrement if it was advertised on TV, there is a section of the 'liberal' population who considers it treason to question what the president says. They have been so brainwashed by this so-called threat of 'terrorism', that they would consider it in bad taste not to buy into this 'war against terrorism' - even though it is at the cost of the loss of their own liberties. It is inconceivable that the President and his cohorts could have sacrificed the lives of over 3000 innocent Americans at the Twin Towers to make the invasion of the Middle East possible. How could that be?

3000 people? People like Bush, Ken Lay, and others sacrificed the lives of ALL Americans (and many others) in Enron, savings & loans, the Wall Street scandals, ... If you have any doubts, get on the Internet and find out for yourselves what "Operation Northwoods" was all about. Don't take my word for it.

And so, my friends, George Bush is bringing nothing but dictatorship and destruction to the United States (even though I understand this sounds pretty far-fetched to some). Internationally, he is causing more and more hatred of America (not just in the Middle East but also in other parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa) and so, this is what I have to tell the American people, especially those in positions to act as whistleblowers or to bring about change, such as reporters and agents of the intelligence community, judges, government employees, etc.: your allegiance is to the American people and not to the gangsters in power. Don't just be blindly obeying orders - that was turned down as a legitimate excuse during the Nuremberg trials. Think independently and do what you think is right for the American people and humanity in general. DO NOT ALLOW THE BIG LIE TO PERPETUATE. To allow that, you would have to invent many more lies to tell yourself and others. For when you lie to yourself, you have taken the first step to destroying your community and your own humanity.