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The 911 Commission is a joke.

Imagine you have taken on the task of investigating a burglary, and you decide all you will focus on is the cause of the failure of the front-door lock. Wouldn't that be a laugh?

In a real investigation, the first thing the cops consider is the possibility of an inside job. Did someone perhaps open the door? In case of any rumors, no matter how wild and crazy, they will consider and try to investigate. They try to find a plausible answer to all the pending questions. But is the 911 Commission doing that?

Let's consider the circumstances. Ever since grabbing power, the Bush administration has been telling us lie after another. We know we have been lied to about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. We know they lied about Saddam Hussein's ties to Al-Qaida. We know they lied when they said they had no previous knowledge of the September 11 attacks. We know they lied to us about the actual cost of the Medicare overhaul. We are just finding out we were lied to about when the Bushies decided to invade Iraq, etc, etc. In every instance, we had to learn the truth the hard way, since our beloved liberals in the establishment were only too willing to accept all these lies with very few questions asked.

The Bush team lied to us just about every time they moved their lips. So why are we so unwilling to accept, at least the possibility that they might have lied to us about the September 11 attacks also?

But no such luck. After all, how could our beloved President and his team stoop down so low? Oh no, we should never even consider entertaining such nightmarish thoughts. How could we face ourselves then? What about all that stuff we have been feeding ourselves about the land of the free and home of the brave? It is much more
preferable to swallow the lie and maintain our "sanity".

Stoop down so low? Our leaders have stooped down even lower by doing the working, ordinary Americans in on a daily basis through Enrons, Savings & Loans, Global Crossings, the Wall Street,  and other corporate institutions. What was done on Sept 11 was only a fraction of what corporate America does to us on a daily basis.

It is truely amazing that our liberals have completely swallowed the official story which places the direct blame for the 911 attacks on Osama bin Ladin (operating from the caves of Afghanistan) and his mythical Al-Qaida team which is magically everywhere, communicates through ether, and has amazingly overcome all religious
sectarianism to unite the Muslims into his magical organization. Had anyone watched the "Get Smart" series and the dealings of Agent 001 against the Kaos organization?

Talking about the fox guarding the henhouse. Here we have Republicans and people friendly to the White House (such as Zelikow) trying to investigate the events leading to 911. Have we not heard enough baloney on the Kennedy (as well as Martin Luther King, Malcom X, ...) assassination? As if the "lone gunman" theory did not insult our intelligence enough -- we are soon about to be fed perhaps the "lone caveman" theory. And the same liberals who sat quietly and applauded the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq will perhaps sit quietly through the 911 Commission's findings (or lack of). In the meantime, we are losing our constitutional rights on a daily basis, while our boys are being sent off to be used as cannon fodder. How about if we stop being milk cows for these gangsters in power?