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Science Fiction or Plausible Deduction?


In the movie "Three Days of the Condor", Robert Redford,  plays the role of a minor intelligence officer who is being hunted by the CIA and whose colleagues are assassinated by the Agency after they accidentally stumble upon a US government plan to invade the Middle East and take over its oil resources.


Many of us might see no parallels between the plot of this movie and the attack on the World Trade Center towers, the ensuing “War on Terrorism”, and the attempt to subdue opposition forces in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but on closer observation, we can see that all the elements and reasons are there: the growing anti-globalization movement throughout the world, knowledge of a looming bust in the booming economy, crooked business and accounting practices within corporate America, and the presence of fundamentalist forces either created or supported by the US government.


The new and growing anti-globalization movement has an anti-capitalist thrust and as such presents a major threat to the global capitalist system. Another characteristic of the movement is the fact that it transcends national boundaries with such demands as the canceling of the debt of the third-world countries or an end to sweatshops.


On the economic front, the ruling circles are, better than anyone else aware of capitalism’s cycles of economic crisis. In addition, those who had a hand in accounting and corporate fraud (which includes CEO’s of all US corporations – the ones that would not participate, would not be able to compete and would quickly lose market share) were fully aware that the bubble of smoke and mirrors was about to bust.


To escape the wrath of the American people, have an excuse to suppress the anti-capitalist movements and the struggles of the people in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, America’s rulers (and their servile puppy, Tony Blair) had to jump to action.


While the plot was brewing, the first attempt to stir feelings of nationalism among the American public was made. In May 2001, Hollywood – a mostly loyal servant of the American ruling circles and producer of all the war movies of all times – released Pearl Harbor.


On September 11, the anniversary of the bloody CIA coup in Chile, the planes targeted the Twin-Towers and the Pentagon. The excuse that the Bush administration and the FBI have provided is that, due to mistakes or bureaucratic incompetence, the plot was not discovered soon enough. FBI agents’ warnings were ignored.


Another explanation can be that the hijackers were closely monitored by a privileged group within the intelligence apparatus, while the FBI field agents were being kept at bay. The hijackers were allowed to inflict minimum damage, just enough to arouse patriotic and jingoist emotions within the public in general.


The Twin Towers housed over 50,000; around 3000 were killed, including the head of the WTC security, former FBI deputy director who had resigned in protest after he was disallowed by the Bush administration to investigate the bin Laden family.


Is the low number of casualties pure luck? Why were none of the planes shot down? What was found from the data recorders, the black boxes from the crashed planes? Why was the bin Laden family allowed to fly out of the US at a time when no private or commercial plane was permitted to take off? We do know that the US had plans to invade Afghanistan long before the WTC attack and they had communicated such plans to Pakistan’s secret police long before 911. We know that the United States had been in communication with the Taliban regime. Representatives of the Taliban had been present in Houston at the invitation of US oil companies. We  know Osama bin Laden is a creation of the CIA when it was arming and training the Afghan Mujahedeen in their war against the Soviets.


Soon after the attacks, Americans were faced with the fear of anthrax. No one has any explanation of these mailings so far (and I suspect no one will). One explanation can be the following: anthrax was used to keep Americans fearful and their feelings of patriotism alive. Moreover, this was used as a tool to stun and paralyze Congress. It was particularly directed at more liberal congressmen who might be questioning any aspect of the Bush administration’s politics.


It is quite obvious to everyone that the mailed anthrax strains were produced right here in the labs of the US government. The planners of the anthrax attacks were most probably the same forces that monitored (if not planned) the WTC attacks. The biowarfare expert, the racist spook, Dr. Steven J. Hatfill could very well have been involved in this scheme. The field agents have finally found him, but they are once again being kept at bay. Why did the FBI wait so many months before checking Hatfill’s residence? By now, the last traces of the millions of anthrax spores would have faded. Why did he not submit to a blood test last fall? The FBI has ruined his life, Hatfill claims. It is a matter of time before he can sue the FBI for a handsome sum – a reward for his “acts of patriotism”.


Does this sound like science fiction or a conspiracy theory? Well, the Watergate incident would have, too, if the individuals involved in the burglary had not been caught. The Iran-contra incident would have remained another “October surprise” conspiracy theory if the perpetrators were not exposed. But all these incidents DID TAKE PLACE. Would elements within the US government sacrifice American lives to achieve certain goals? Well, the Joint Chiefs of Staff had planned to do so in Operation Northwoods when they plotted to assassinate US citizens and then blame the incidents on Cuba (see the book BODY OF SECRETS, by James Bamford, Doubleday Publishers, 2001). Even if we accept the claim that the Bush administration did not have a role to play with respect to the WTC attacks, we have to admit it fully utilized it to its advantage – as if it were completely planned and executed by its functionaries. How did the Bush administration so quickly compile thousands of pages of legislation? It would only make sense to assume the documents were thought of and prepared long ahead of 911.


Note: What is the conspiracy theory?


All of us, on a daily basis, make plans (conspire, if you will) to keep our jobs, work towards promotions and raises, keep our home, maintain or improve our standard of living, avoid paying unnecessary costs, etc. This is never disputed, and we are never accused of anything while we maintain this. However, the moment we claim the same thing with respect to the men of power, we are accused of being conspiracy theorists just to discredit us. Admittedly, we could, at times be wrong about our theories, but that does not disprove the fundamental fact that they work like hell (as we usually do) to maintain what they have at any cost whatsoever.


The truth is that the owning classes have a lot more at stake and, having political and material power, are much freer at manipulation and planning. If they did not conspire on a daily basis to maintain their hold onto power, they would be gone in no time at all. This is understood. The people, however, cannot sit by idly while they are being victims of the ruling classes’ conspiracies.