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9/11 Afterthoughts

Andres Kargar (


Q) Why would the Bush administration be complicit in the 9/11 attacks?

A) The short answer is the neo-conservative Project for the New American Century (, but there are additional reasons: today transnational corporations rule in America, while the owning classes have driven the country to bankruptcy. Now America’s rulers are desperately trying to avoid a free fall and contain the American people at the same time.


Q) Would that make us “Conspiracy Theorists”?

A) Only in the minds of simpletons. Think about it; who is the real conspiracy theorist – the guy who thinks this was an inside job or the one who believes the official story that claims that some religious zealot, on dialysis and living in the caves of Afghanistan got US visas (from United States Consulates) for a number of Saudis to simultaneously hijack all those planes, beat America’s air defense system, hit the Twin Towers and cause three building to collapse and pulverize?


Q) Are you saying that Osama bin Ladin and the Saudis were not involved and that those planes did not hit the Twin Towers?

A) No.


Q) Are you saying that Arabs are incapable of pulling such a stunt?

A) It’s not a question or Arabs, Jews, or gentiles. This is an operation too big for any private groups or individuals. Just consider this simple fact: the Saudi hijackers did not enter the country illegally (or clandestinely through the Mexican or Canadian borders). They all had applied and obtained their entry visas at United States Consulates. Just ask your foreign friends (especially non-Europeans) what is involved in obtaining a US entry visa.


Q) Had the United States government planned similar terrorist actions before?

A) The most damning documents, in my opinion are those belonging to “Operation Northwoods” because they are out (, even though the plan was never carried out. There are other examples, such as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident ( Pearl Harbor should also be cited because we now know about the US government’s understanding that Japan was about to attack.


Q) What about the folks that say there is no evidence linking the Bush regime to the attacks?

A) Let’s do some reality check: close to 3000 people lost their lives at the WTC buildings, thousands more in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, anthrax attacks against congressmen and members of the news media, while our civil liberties are being taken away more and more everyday, and there are those who still refuse to suspect foul play unless they see the smoking gun! Is this rational thinking? How many other criminal investigations are conducted this way? Instead of accepting and repeating the silly official account, wouldn’t it make more sense to be demanding real investigation of the attacks (including the anthrax attacks)?


Even the most incompetent cop can tell you this is not how they go about investigating crimes. The smoking gun is usually not at the scene of most crimes. The investigators look for it based on motives and possibilities.


Q) What about those who claim the Bush administration had planned the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, but just waited for the opportune moment to carry them out?

A) I worked in corporate America for thirty years, some in the capacity of project manager, and I can tell you if someone brought me a project plan that was contingent upon some other event that might or might not occur, I would fire the guy on the spot because that would be a plan for failure. This is not how corporate America or the US government plans and executes projects.


Q) Carrying out a plan of this magnitude would require such a large number of people to be involved. Sooner or later, the word would get out. Someone would talk.

A) Standard Operating Procedure requires “compartmentalization” of intelligence. This process is observed in both corporate America and the intelligence agencies. A small group of less than twenty handpicked individuals, headed by a project manager, could have created the high-level project plan. Details would then be further worked out and executed by sub-committees that only know about their own agenda without having any knowledge of the big picture.


You could be working in a factory, manufacturing bolts without ever having to know that the bolt you make fits in an automobile. More relevant to our subject, how many times have you heard of details of criminal activities carried out by the mob (and you know those are happening on a daily basis)?


Q) Was it a plane or a missile that hit the Pentagon?

A) I don’t know, and it does not change the premise of the plot regardless of the scenarios that others insist upon.


Q) Why was Osama bin Ladin never caught? They claim he lives in areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A) Pakistani Intelligence Services have been trained by the CIA, and Pakistan’s ruling General Musharraf is in George Bush’s pockets. Neighboring Afghanistan is under occupation by the United States, British, and Canadian forces. If the US had any intentions of pursuing Osama bin Ladin, and it was true that he lived in the border areas there, the US forces would have carpet-bombed that entire area many times over. The US history in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, … clearly shows us that America’s rulers have no qualms about killing civilians and calling it collateral damage.


Q) What about prisons like Gitmo?

A) Those are symbols of the Empire’s repression and dictatorship to engender fear and submission, much like the Empire’s flag. They are also places for experimentation on human guinea pigs. Hitler’s scientist conducted similar experiments.


Just for the sake of the argument, let us assume that all the individuals being held at Guantanamo Prison are genuine Al-Qaeda members, and even though the most dense interrogator can tell you that torture makes the victim’s confession useless (because the torture victim will admit to anything to, even for a moment, stop or lessen his pain and suffering), let us assume each prisoner provides the location of at best 50 or 60 militias (which would be old information anyway because a guerrilla’s first and foremost asset is his/her constant mobility), do you think the Bush administration is spending billions of dollars to find the location of at best a few hundred Afghan or Arab militias? No one would be that stupid.


Q) What are the goals of those who try to discredit, distort or shut down the message of the 9/11 truth movement?

A) I have often asked this, and I will explain why: I am not a writer. I only write to promote my political agenda which is social justice. I do not write for the sake of precision. For example, if I see inaccuracies in an article about the Rolls Royce engine, I do not rush to paper and pen to correct those inaccuracies.


By the same token, I believe the debunkers who, in my opinion are the real conspiracy theorists have a political agenda, and that is to protect the system of which they are a part. They show no curiosity to the questions which we raise because they are afraid of the answers and the ultimate implication that our own government butchered 3000 innocent lives to further its own agenda and could do more in the future. There are always those who differ with the 9/11 truth movement and don’t accept our premise, and I understand and respect their views. The ones who attack and try to suppress the truth movement, however, aren’t these.


Here are a few of the many questions for which we have not answers:

Q) How did the hijackers obtain US visas from United States Consulates? Why were they not identified?

Q) Why did the FBI suppress reports of their own field agents regarding the hijackers?

Q) Why were none of the hijacked planes shot down?

Q) Why did the Twin Towers collapse?

Q) Why did WTC Building 7 collapse?

Q) What happened to the black boxes from these planes?

Q) The US government was able to collect pieces of the Space Shuttle that exploded so high up. Where are the pieces of these hijacked planes?

Q) If the Secret Service knew nothing about the nature of these attacks, how did they know attacks wouldn’t be made against President Bush? Why did they not take him away instead of letting him continue reading his goat story?

Q) Why did the US government allow relatives of Osama bin Ladin and other Saudis to be flown out of the United States without any investigation at the time when all flights were grounded in the United States?

Q) Despite all these questions expressed by many, why is the US corporate media so fearful of talking about the 9/11 truth movement?

Q) Why was Osama bin Ladin never caught? What happened to his wealth? Which banks in what countries held his wealth?