The Emperor Has No Clothes - Essays on 9/11

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To those who claim that a lone religious zealot on dialysis directed the September 11 attacks on America from the caves in Afghanistan while America's Intelligence was caught asleep at the wheel, I have this to say: "YOU are the real conspiracy theory nuts."
To the rest of us, I ask: "Was Watergate a conspiracy or did it just happen by accident?"
If the culprits had not been caught, wouldn't Watergate have been labeled as "yet another conspiracy theory" just like the "October Surprise"?
What about the Iraq war? Was it just a series of mistakes that led to the war, or was it planned long before September 11, 2001?
A much simpler explanation for September 11 attacks is that it was committed (whether we want to accept the Bush administration's full involvement or just advance knowledge and tacit approval - it doesn't matter) to pave the way for the Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, ..., or simply put, to put into motion the neo-conservative "Project for the New American Century".
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Alternative viewpoints, regardless of how odd or wacky they might be, need to be proved or disproved in the court of public opinion. The people have a definite right to hear them. Why is America's corporate media so afraid of presenting such alternative views?


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